Case Study: Resource and Recovery Education (RARE) Training Program

Client: Beverage Industry Environment Council

In 1998 the Beverage Industry Environment Council commissioned terra cordis to develop and implement the Resource and Recovery Education (RARE) Training Program, to provide knowledge and skills to environmental educators through accredited training, provision of resources and networking.

terra cordis consulted with industry, government and community stakeholders to develop the program, which included a 3-day training course, a regular newsletter, a web page ( and telephone / online access to training and presentation support materials.

RARE 3-day training sessions enable participants to achieve a statement of attainment in Train Small Groups (BSZ404A). The training also incorporates additional skills required by these educators including occupational health and safety, community liaison and communications knowledge.

Since 1989, over 450 environmental educators across Australia have been trained through this course in effective communication of waste management issues to their community. When we asked the participants what they most liked about the course, the answers were as diverse as the learning experiences offered through different tools through the course:

  • The course was a wonderful opportunity to assess my presentation methods;
  • Enjoyed having comfort zone extended;
  • Really enjoyed learning to mind map and then putting it into practice;
  • Enjoyed doing DISC;
  • Loved the universals;
  • WIIFM is a great way for me to remember the very important way to reach people and encourage them to make change;
  • Loved the coloured textas;
  • The venue and food were great;
  • Loved the networks of friends made;
  • Loved the icebreakers;
  • A great way to regenerate the energy of the audience;
  • Meeting new people, of whom most have many things in common with me.

And some just couldn't decide what the best bit was!

I enjoyed the enthusiasm, the activities, the psychological theories, ways to deal with the audience, WIIFM theory, the rewards, the food, the textas...

Our commitment to actively engage the Learner applies to every aspect of our courses - not just the "content" elements.

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"Obvious professionals with depth of experience and flexibility to suit the group."

"Excellent for capacity building within the environmental community."

"Very relevant with intro to new waste management laws from Power And Water Authority."