Counsel and resources ensuring success for your training programs

terra cordis does more than stop your leak or solve your specific problem. We take a holistic approach to reviewing your needs, so our services will provide long-lasting benefits for your organisation.

How we work for you

terra cordis assigns personnel with specific skills for your needs.

  • We use consistent communication to tighten program design and objectives.
  • We gather feedback from your project stakeholders about their needs, objectives, and expectations.
  • We learn what current practices are being used and their relevance to the project.
  • We tailor the project components to your activities.
  • We help you ensure your programs provide outcomes that are transferable to your work situation and your people.

"We would like now to acknowledge the superb work of Kerry Hides-Pearson in assisting us to develop these Knowledge and Skills Criteria which has taken highly complex issues and developed a readily understandable and achievable framework for our specialist membership. ..."

Peter Nicholson,
Education Chairman, SMSF Professionals' Association Ltd