Case Study: The Hunter Civic Design Awards

The Hunter Civic Design Awards required a review. The assessment panel was not static over time and consisted of professionals from different fields of expertise. The assessment elements needed a thorough review so those on the panel could apply them with objectivity.

terra cordis was commissioned to provide a one-day facilitated workshop to assist in developing an assessment system.

terra cordis personnel undertook a comprehensive needs analysis. We consulted with the judging panel, researched the awards and the systems associated with these awards. We focussed on one essential factor in the Awards process - that of quality.

Our facilitator conducted a day long workshop facilitating a review of the quality elements of these awards, the measurement of this quality and the human factor in the quality measurements.

After the workshop our writers developed a list of workshop outcomes, and massaged these into a complete assessment system for the Awards process.

This system:

  • Provided an objective assessment of nominations;
  • Streamlined the assessment process;
  • Created objectivity in the Assessor task;
  • Provided a transparency to the assessment system; and
  • Elevated the value of the Awards in the Hunter Region.

"terra cordis hit the nail on the head through their research. In the 27 years this award has been conducted it was very timely to re-visit the core issue of quality in these awards. terra cordis worked closely with our committee to facilitate this complex project - with outstanding results."

(Ken Phelan, Chair, Lower Hunter Civic Design Awards)