Helping you develop and manage your training so that compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework is easy.

terra cordis believes that your training should reflect your organisation and your people. We do not prescribe a method of delivery or a standard training format. We review your current training approach, we talk with your people, and then we work with you to develop a tailored AQTF-compliant system.

How we work for you

To really work for you, terra cordis makes an ongoing commitment to helping you be the best as a training provider in your field of expertise :

  • Research into your industry keeps us aware of your latest issues.
  • Our Registration as a Training Organisation with the NSW Vocational Education & Training Accreditation Board allows us to issue your nationally recognised accreditations.
  • terra cordis Trainers and assessors are accredited to Diploma level (to design your training and assessment - as required under the Assessment and Workplace Training Package BSZ98 (ANTA 1999)).
  • Your dedicated Project Manager and weekly contact reports keep you informed.
  • We access and use the latest training news, theories and tools.
  • Our activity in all States and Territories across Australia keeps you, our client, up to date.

"It is just 100% comprehensive."

Wayne Enright
Consultation Committee
NSW Sydney Local Guide Project