terra cordis specialises in providing quality training experiences to actively engage your people in the learning process. Our unique approach ensures that our clients will enjoy exceptional, effective and measurable learning experiences - no matter what the subject matter. We do this by providing three core services:

Training - Each training program we develop is tailor made to your needs and for your people. We are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and can provide nationally recognised training in: Business Services, Financial Services, Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

Consulting - terra cordis works with you to create activities to engage your target audience; use tools to achieve the message transfer; use documents to support ongoing activity and establish benchmarks to measure your outcomes.

Compliance - terra cordis believes your training should reflect your organisation and your people. We review your current training approach, we talk with your people, and then we work with you to develop your tailored Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF)-compliant system.

To contact terra cordis directly
Fergus Hides-Pearson
Master, Trainer
PO Box 472
Freshwater NSW 2096

P: 02 9949 9298

email: fergus@terracordis.com.au

"The aim of training should be to inspire action rather than to fill with knowledge."
(Geoffrey Moss)

"Dream as if you will live for ever. Live as if you will die tomorrow."
(James Dean)

"I forget what I have been taught. I only remember what I have learned."
(Patrick White)